Big Horn 4" Bull Bars

Attitude for the oversize vehicle

For big, bold trucks and SUVs, some accessories just don't cut it. It takes a certain amount of attitude and the right build to keep up with larger, lifted vehicles.

The ARIES Big Horn™ was made to live up to the challenge. It features a bold construction, easy customization options, a custom-fit installation and two hardy finish options.



Big, bold design 

From diesel pickup trucks to full-size SUVs, it's all about attitude, and the ARIES Big Horn™ bull bar is chock-full of it. It is built with bold 4" diameter tubing, 1/8" thick walls, a vehicle-specific A-shaped frame and a brushed stainless steel skid plate.

The larger tube profile and aggressive cutout of the skid plate are specifically design to accent larger, lifted vehicles, giving them that bold, uncompromising attitude.



Lightweight aluminum alloy build

To give the ARIES Big Horn™ bull bar the spine to back up its fearless attitude, we offer it in two rust-resistant finish options: aluminum and stainless steel. The aluminum Big Horn™ is made from an aluminum alloy, making it very lightweight and incredibly strong. It is the perfect addition to the off-road-style vehicle.

It also features a uniquely durable powder coat finish that we call textured black. This hardy, polyester-based powder coat provides maximum corrosion resistance and easily resists scratching, chipping and peeling. Plus, with its heavily textured surface, our textured black powder coat finish has the unique ability to hide grime and minor scratches, making it an even greater threat to the outdoor elements.


Also in true stainless steel

The Big Horn™ bull bar is also available in a stainless steel option. While there are many different types of stainless steel used in automotive accessories, ours is 304 stainless steel. 304 is high in nickel content, making it a true stainless with superior rust resistance.

Our stainless Big Horn™ easily withstands the wear and tear of the elements, and it features a mirror-like polished finish, adding a bright, clean accent to your vehicle.

Customizable crossbar and skid plate

While two different finish options provide the right look for any application, each Big Horn™ bull bar also has some additional customization features.

The crossbar of the Big Horn™ is pre-drilled with two holes. These provide mounting locations for aftermarket lights such as fog lights, off-road lights and others. The crossbar can accept round lights up to 5 1/2" in diameter, as well as LED light bars.

The skid plate of the Big Horn™ bull bar allows for customization, featuring a removable design. It bolts into place and provides extra protection against loose gravel, sticks and other small road debris. If desired, it can also easily be unbolted and removed for a custom look. The skid plate is made from 304 stainless steel for excellent rust resistance, and it has a brushed finish to maintain a clean, consistent appearance.


Vehicle-specific for a custom fit

Not only is the ARIES 4" bull bar designed to provide a bold, aggressive look, but it is also made to fit perfectly. Each has a unique bend to accent the shape of the vehicle, and each mounts using vehicle-specific brackets. This allows it to be installed quicker and fit better on the vehicle's frame. It also eliminates the need for drilling by using pre-existing factory holes.

Additional accessories to consider

Although the Big Horn™ bull bar can hold its own, it is designed to be accompanied by some other ARIES products. Specifically, ARIES Big Step™ side bars provide the perfect complement for the Big Horn™ bull bar, featuring the same bold 4" diameter to show well on larger, lifted vehicles.

Big Step™ side bars are available in aluminum with our textured black powder coat finish, and they have raised, custom-positioned, non-skid step pads for comfortable, secure footing.

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Bull Bars : 4" Big Horn

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