BX1 20K Round Gooseneck Coupler

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The BULLDOG BX1 coupler is the result of generations of design expertise and field experience. It incorporates innovative features that revolutionize the benefits available from a gooseneck coupler.


*Offers flexible mounting options with Next Generation locking plate coupler locking mechanism
*Makes hooking up, adjusting vertical height, and disconntecting quick and easy
*Maintiains smooth operation over time with grease fittings for every important operating part
*Operates easily with one hand thanks to new locking handle design
*Provides continuous tight ball fit with ever-increasing cam tightening locking mechanism
*Protects against wear with enclosed locking pin mechanism
*Resists theft with integrated feature to allow pad-locking the coupler to the ball (lock not included)
* Guides ball into socket more easily -- letting you miss by more than an inch, with bottom locking plate 50% larger than competitors
*Lengthens life of locking mechanism with oil-impregnated bushings
*Allows shorter retracted length and less wasted length for trucks with high bed height via low-profile locking mechanism
*Fits ball better and reduces jarring through contour-formed edge on bottom locking plate
*Delivers unmatched strength through heavy-duty construction
Includes many modern innovations that improve security, service life, and functionality
*New ball pocket design contact on both sides of the ball for substantially improved pull out strength -- the only sliding-plate design that transfers part of the load to the top locking plate rather than only the bottom locking plate


Description: BX1 20K Round Gooseneck Coupler, Includes Locking Pin Assembly, Dual Set Bolts, 4 Hole Adjustment and Labels
Ball size: 2-5/16"
Retracted height: 24-1/2"
Range of vertical adjustment: 8"
Inner tube diameter: 4"
Weight Carrying: 20,000 lbs. (TW/GTW)
Weight Distributing: 6,000 lbs. (TW/GTW)
Warranty: Limited 5 Year


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